Give This Unique Mushroom A Try Today

Its time you tried a unique mushroom that provides a special taste and texture and packs a punch of health benefits: the Lions Mane mushroom.

While theyre not as well known in the kitchen, Lions Mane mushrooms are known as medicinal mushrooms because of numerous health advantages, including cognitive health benefits.

For instance, Lions Mane mushrooms may repair some of the damage done to the brain, meaning they could help those suffering from conditions such as Alzheimers disease.

Lets take a deeper look at this special fungi.

What Does Lions Mane Look and Taste Like?

A Lions Mane mushroom can best be described as toothed or bearded.

Lions Mane is identified by long spines, which are half an inch or longer, and their tendency to grow in a single slump with their spines dangling. They are usually found during late summer and early fall and grow on hardwood trees such as American beech trees.

The flavor and texture of Lions Mane is sometimes described as similar to lobster meat, in that it is meaty and stringy, with a sweet and savory taste.

And remember, if you dont like the taste or texture of mushrooms, or Lions Mane specifically, you can also look for supplements or powder.

Why Should I Eat Lions Mane?

Lions Mane mushrooms may increase cognitive function in older adults with dementia or other cognitive diseases, and help those suffering from depression by reducing symptoms of irritability and anxiety. Its also been shown to shrink the size of colon tumors and fight off leukemia cells.

Lions Mane may also act as a digestive aid, help prevent heart disease, and serve as an anti-inflammatory. While the benefits of Lions Mane mushrooms havent been widely researched, preliminary studies are promising.

How Do You Cook a Lions Mane Mushroom?

Lions Mane is best used as the basis of a meal, rather than including it in a complex recipe that may hide the delicious flavor. Prepare it by tearing it into bite-sized pieces, similar to tearing apart a head of cauliflower.

Lions Mane has a high water content, meaning they will release their own liquid into the pan as they cook. Its good to start them out by sautéing them in a dry pan over medium heat.

By cooking them over low heat for an extended period of time, that will help boil off some of that excess water, eliminate the chewy texture, and create a much better tasting, and crunchier mushroom.

Once the moisture from the mushrooms has evaporated, you can add butter or another oil to brown the Lions Mane to a golden color. Wait to add any spices or seasoning until just before the mushroom is ready to eat.

Final Thoughts

The Lions Mane mushroom is a medicinal mushroom that has brain-boosting benefits, making them worth adding to your diet.

Theyre also tasty and relatively easy to cook, making them a valuable addition to your dinner plate today.