Dental Implants – The Way Forward To A Brighter Smile

Loss of teeth, either due to aging, accident, or disease, is a problem that faces many people. However, dental implant surgery always solves this problem. The procedure involves placement of the dental implant in the root of the missing tooth. Then, the implant is fused into the actual bone. Once the implant is inserted and in the right place, the gum is sewn up and left for some time for recovery and appropriate healing to take place.


Before undertaking the dental implant, you must consult with your dental implant dentist. The dentist will check your physical and physiological condition and ensure that you are not suffering from diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular diseases; which would forfeit you a chance to undertake the procedure.

Also, the dentist will check the strength of your jaw bone and he may recommend a bone graft if you don’t have enough jaw bone that can withstand the procedure. The dentist will also confirm if you are a heavy smoker; as heavy smoking can hinder the success of the procedure.

Benefits of dental implants

Although other tooth loss solutions such as dentures and bridges exist, dental implants take the kings crown since they are permanent. Dental implants are made from tough metal such as titanium; therefore they don’t wear off quickly once inserted.

Also, since the dental implants are inserted into the root of the missing tooth, they don’t rely on the adjacent teeth for anchorage. This protects the adjacent teeth from damage.

Furthermore, the dental implants aid in conserving the jaw bone. This is because the implants are inserted into the jaw bone hence preventing bone erosion.

Maintenance of implants

Dental implants don’t require special maintenance. However, regular oral hygiene, including brushing and flossing is necessary to keep off plaque and to increase the longevity of the prosthetic tooth.

Choosing An Implant Surgeon

As is the case with buying anything – you get what you pay for. Please do not make the mistake of shopping around for the “cheapest” practice. Instead, find the best one you can find, and find out what you need to do to get the money to get the work done. You may be able to get it though insurance, or you may just need to save up for it. Either way, you are much better off getting it from a dental implant specialist, with a great reputation, than getting it from some back alley joker.


Not only will you radiate the world around you with your confident smile (after undertaking a dental implant surgery), but you will also chew your favorite food with your new replacement teeth. So, if you have any missing tooth, make the right decision and undertake the procedure and radiate the world with your wonderful smile.