Top 6 Myths About Cellulite

myths about celluliteThere are many myths about cellulite that arise from misinformation or false science. Unfortunately, this leads to pseudo-“cures” or so-called “magic” solutions that claim to take away cellulite. In fact, all they do is take away your money and maybe even put you in harm’s way. Using creams, pills, or other products that are not fully tested or regulated may contain some ingredients that cause allergic reactions or worse problems. It is time to disprove these top myths about cellulite.

1. Cellulite Is Only Excess Fat

While cellulite does involve fat or fat cells that bulge out, in particular, it is the connective fibers between muscle and skin that cause the dimpled effect. While everyone may have some normal fat in some parts of the body, you may only see cellulite in areas where the collagen fibers are becoming pulled down.

2. It Is Uncommon

Actually, the more realistic number is that 80 to 98% of women have some cellulite somewhere on the body. Men, on the other hand, are less likely to have it, with only about 10% seeing this cottage cheese like skin. This is because men have fibers that are parallel with the surface of the skin. Women, on the other hand, have fiber bands that run perpendicular, which leads to the dimpled skin.

3. Only Old People Have It

Cellulite is more likely to show as you age, but it does not mean that a teenager will never have it. In fact, hormonal imbalance during puberty may be a factor, though genetics and body build also play a role in the formation of cellulite. Older women, though, suffer from less elastic skin that has suffered sun damage during the years. This is why cellulite is something normal in advanced age.

4. Cellulite Disappears When You Lose Weight

In fact, if you are not doing exercises to strengthen the skin’s elasticity, losing weight will not help you reduce cellulite. At best, do aerobic exercise and weight training; focus on making the skin more elastic by focusing on the stronger connective tissue under your skin. Also, liposuction will make cellulite worse, because it does not address the dimpling of the skin.

5. Kiss Cellulite Goodbye Through Sunbathing

Being exposed to the sun and its UV rays do not help improve your cellulite at all. Your skin gets damaged by the strong rays of the sun, and in turn, this breaks down the collagen. In the end, you may see your skin looking even worse. However, certain sunless tanning products may “mask” the cellulite.

6. Working Out Works

Exercise that targets an area with cellulite does not really work; although muscle toning can reduce the appearance of cellulite. Toned muscles smoothen areas where there is cellulite by making the muscle plumper. By maintaining a great shape through exercise, you will find yourself less susceptible to cellulite.

As you can see, cellulite is much more complicated than just fat deposits. Understanding the real science behind it, knowing the real cause of those unsightly bumps is the only way to identify the proper and most successful ways of dealing with it.