Dr. Villeponteau Addresses The Adult Stem Cell Issue

About Dr.
Bryant Villeponteau

Dr. Bryant
Villeponteau is one of the most well-known names in the stem cell research and
longevity research industry. His book Decoding Longevity mainly covers numerous
steps regular people can take to prolong their life. He details exercises,
supplements and diet which are imperative to longevity. However, in addition to
being a published author, he is one of the pioneers of anti-aging therapies stem
cells for over the past three decades.

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Dr. Villeponteaus
work includes human telomerase RNA cloning while working at Geron Corporation,
which later lead to him receiving the 1997 Distinguished Inventor Award, along
with three of his teammates. Later in 2008, Dr. Villeponteau served as Vice
President of Research of Genescient, Inc, a company that specializes in aging
genetics and which uses machine learning, Drosophila genetics, and biochemistry
to develop therapies used to delay aging. However, he is most well known for
being the founder of Centagen, Inc, which develops new technologies used for
extending the human lifespan and improving health via the use of adult stem

Stem Cell
Technology is the Future

It is an
open secret that stem cell technology can have a significant effect on our
ability to live longer as well as help with failing parts, which are an
inevitable part of the aging process. So, Dr. Villeponteau started out studying
developmental biology, which, if could be understood theoretically, meant that
we could understand aging. However, later he turned towards gene regulation,
and that work led him to work at the Geron Corporation, a Bay Area startup.

The 90s
startup was working primarily on telomerase, which to Dr. Villeponteau came
across an exciting field of research. Joining a startup from the very
beginning, he had the opportunity to clone the human telomerase. Back then, it
was only cloned in animals and so this was the first attempt at replicating
that success with human telomerase.

Villeponteau Addresses the Adult Stem Cell Issue

to Dr Villeponteau, there are a couple of drawbacks associated with adult stem
cells. Even though they are taken from you which does away with the conflicts
with the immune system, there isnt enough of the cells to go around. As people
get older the number of cells decreases and ones that are available are
dysfunctional. Also, they are unable to form the required tissue.

To solve
the abovementioned problem, Dr. Villeponteau started his own company with the
expertise and technology required to amplify adult stem cells by a million
times. The goal was to do that while ensuring that they (the stem cells)
continued to have the ability to differentiate between the various cell types
and without leading to the cells aging. For people who dont know, it is the
adult stem cells that hold the potential cure to rectify numerous age-related conditions
by mainly rejuvenating or regenerating the required tissue.

to Dr. Villeponteau, many years, if not decades, can be added to life by
exercise and the right diet, while living a healthy and clean life. However,
his focus now is on extreme life extension which is a lot different from adding
just a few years.